Duran Ramos

Duran Ramos

Billing & Payroll

Duran Ramos meticulously manages billing and payroll at Premier Comfort, ensuring financial integrity and supporting the family business's backbone

Duran Ramos stands as a key pillar within Premier Comfort Service Company, skillfully handling the critical roles of billing and payroll management. His precision and dedication ensure the smooth financial operation of the family-run business, a task he approaches with the same care and attention to detail that is a hallmark of the Ramos family.

In addition to his professional contributions, Duran's life is enriched by his loving wife, Ximena, and their two daughters. Together, they embody the familial spirit that infuses every aspect of Premier Comfort. Ximena's support and their shared moments of joy and challenge underscore the values of family and community that Duran brings into the workplace every day.

His role extends beyond just numbers and spreadsheets; Duran is instrumental in fostering a culture of accountability, transparency, and trust within the company. Through his efforts, Premier Comfort not only thrives as a business but also as a community, reflecting the values and warmth of the Ramos family. Duran, with Ximena and their daughters by his side, continues to contribute to the legacy of Premier Comfort, ensuring that the company remains grounded in its principles.