Dale Patrick

Dale Patrick

Dale Patrick, our lead technician, brings years of experience to guide and supervise junior techs with expert precision.

Lead Technician & Service Manager

Dale Patrick stands as the cornerstone of Premier Comfort's technical operations. As the lead technician, Dale's extensive experience is not just a badge of honor but a vital resource that elevates the entire team's performance. His role extends far beyond troubleshooting and repairs; Dale is a mentor, guiding junior technicians through complex challenges and ensuring that every job meets the high standards Premier Comfort is known for.

From the heart of the office, Dale supervises live operations, providing real-time oversight and advice. This unique approach not only enhances the quality of service but also fosters a learning environment where technicians grow under his tutelage. Dale's commitment to excellence and his ability to impart wisdom to the next generation of HVAC professionals are what make him an invaluable part of the Premier Comfort family.

His leadership ensures that every client receives top-notch service, backed by a team that's constantly learning, improving, and striving to be the best. With Dale Patrick at the helm of our technical operations, Premier Comfort continues to lead the way in HVAC services, setting standards and exceeding expectations.